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Refurbishment and enlargement of the Gon-Gar Workshops


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To empty, trim and insert, while preserving the essence of the original construction: this is the primary reasoning with which the authors of this interesting project have approached their work strategy.

The project for the extension and refurbishment of the Gon-Gar Workshops rearranges an industrial
cluster that grew organically, made up of two industrial warehouses and a residential dwelling that configure this agricultural machinery repair company. The ensemble is located in the centre of the compact urban fabric of Benissanet, a small town of just 1,200 inhabitants with a rural and agricultural character, located on the righthand bank of the lower reaches of the Ebro River.
The project proposes to transform an existing abandoned warehouse into an office building and erect a new diaphanous industrial warehouse attached to it, to later be used as a mechanics workshop and product exhibition space. The relocation of the offices to the centre of the cluster
and the construction of a new workshop have allowed the internal connectivity of the ensemble to be multiplied and the quality of employees’ working life to be improved, increasing the useful surface by 938m2.
The transformation of the old warehouse takes shape through various targeted actions that engage in a dialogue with the existing elements, such as formalising a new double space, opening new windows and skylights that improve the warehouse’s luminous and spatial conditions, and constructing several new lightweight wooden structures to define the private offices and furniture. Emptying, trimming and inserting while preserving the essence of the original construction.
The new workshop was conceived as a new diaphanous 625m2 warehouse that adapts to the edges of its trapezoidal plot through a lightweight triangular structure of steel struts and beams supported by perimeter pillars. The structural lattice supports the roof in a series of triangular north-facing skylights that allow the interior space to be illuminated in a natural matter. The lightweight appearance of this warehouse’s interior space contrasts with a more emphatic and contextualised exterior that aims to
adapt to its location.
On a functional level, the two buildings are connected on the ground floor by opening new connections at strategic locations, allowing machinery and products to be transported between the different warehouses of the ensemble. Meanwhile, on the first floor, the new workshop includes a mezzanine in cross-laminated wood that contains the company’s new conference room. This room, in contrast with the openness of the double space and the existing warehouse that leads to its first-floor entrance, fuses the two buildings and is connected to the outside world via a large skylight that illuminates one of the ensemble’s most distinctive spaces and connects the two buildings on a volumetric level.
The dimensions of the structural bays, the rhythm of the roof’s slopes and the profile of the side façade, the dimension, location and proportion of the openings, and the textile treatment of the thermal clay walls partially coated in specifically-textured lime mortar: all these things aim to modulate, defragment and integrate the new volume into the existing urban morphology.

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Localización Location: Benissanet, Tarragona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: NUA arquitectures | Ferran Tiñena, Arnau Tiñena, Maria Rius. Arquitecto Técnico Quantity surveyor: Teresa Arnal, Noelia Cebrián. Cálculo estructural Structure calculation: Windmill Structural Consultants, S.L.P. Constructora General Contractor: Germans Llarch, S.L. Estructura Structure: Maifersa, S.L. Superficie Area: 938m2. Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2017. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula Sardà.




Adrià Goula