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Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Spain.

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Torre Puig


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This high-rise building situated in an urban space of metropolitan characteristics outlines a glass spiral that allows it to assume the iconographic role defined by the planning byelaws.

Plaza Europa is located in the municipality of Hospitalet del Llobregat, halfway between El Prat airport and the city of Barcelona, and is seeking to become a new pole of attraction for the entire metropolitan area. The ground plan is a good reflection of the intentions of its designers, and the result is an urban void with the presence of towers that are perceived independently, without an apparent connection between them. One of these towers is the new Puig corporate site which, seeking to match the new urban image of Barcelona’s Metropolitan Area, has chosen Plaza Europa to erect its headquarters.

The tower keeps within the strict ground and height constraints of the planning byelaws. The aim of having it perceived as a unitary figure and not a simple superposition of horizontal floors led to designing a glass spiral that envelops the volume. The wish for Torre Puig to assume the iconographic representativeness corresponding to its condition as corporate headquarters appears to have found the solution in the categorical geometry of its architecture given that the forcefulness of the spiral leads to a shape that, in its purity, alludes to the value Puig has always given to the flasks of its fragrances.

The tower’s ground plan —a 27.50m x 27.50m square— displays the central role played by the nucleus, which not only contains the vertical communications and services and mechanical installations but also contributes to defining and structuring the usable space. The working areas are deployed around the nucleus and enjoy the urban landscape on all four sides. The glass strip helps to give the interior spaces –offices, meeting rooms or one-of-a-kind spaces— an attractive filter while helping to improve the building’s environmental conditions. Special attention was paid to the meeting point of the tower with the horizontal plane, a pond from which the bands of the spiral emerge.

In regard to the corporate programme, the layout liberates the floor spaces from any enclosures, and they are consequently accessed from each nucleus lobby by using open-plan configurations.

The interior implementation sought to continue the neutrality, lightness and purity that the exterior architecture transmits: glass, white as the predominant colour on ceilings, cupboards, walls and furniture, in a quest for unity between the architecture and its interiors.

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Localización Location: Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Rafael Moneo, Antonio Puig (GCA Architects), Josep Riu (GCA Architects), Lucho Marcial. Arquitectos directores de proyecto Lead architects for the project: Roser Huguet (GCA), Josep Puig (GCA), Juan Velasco (GCA), Cristian Naudin (Lucho Marcial Architects). Dirección ejecución / Project Manager obra Execution management / Works Project Manager: Tecnics G-3 | Victor Forteza, Martí Santana, Aleix Samperiz. Estructuras Structures: Boma | Agustín Obiols, Alicia Huguet. Ingeniería Enginnering: Pgi Grup | David Tuset, Miquel Vilanova, Jordi Llobet. Certificador LEED LEED Certifier: ERF (Estudi Ramon Folch i Associats) | Inés Alomar, Helena Berlanga. Asesor fachada Facade Adviser: Ingeniería Permasteelisa. Dirección obra fachada Works management for facade: Ferres Arquuitectura | Xavier Ferrés, Javier García. Coordinación de Seguridad y Salud Health & Safety Coordination: Ingea | Joan Pinell, Raul Zapater (implantación interior). Project manager instalaciones Installations project manager: Bureau Veritas | Jose Miguel Durán, Francesc Morell. Consultor de ascensores y logística de edificios Lifts consultant and buildings logistics: Jappsen Ingenieure. Interiorismo Interior Design: Antonio Puig, Josep Riu | GCA Architects. Directores de proyecto interiorismo Project directors for interior design: Roser Huguet (GCA), Josep Puig (GCA), Juan Velasco (GCA). Paisajismo Landscaping: Aeland | Ana Esteve, Bárbara Pla. Asesor acústico Acoustics adviser: Notson. Asesor lumínico Lighting adviser: Anoche. Constructora General Contractor: Comsa S.A., Codecsa (implantación interior). Fecha de finalización de la obra Completion date of the works: 2014. Fotografía Photography: Rafael Vargas.
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Carpintería de madera y revestimientos de acero inoxidable: Frapont Wood

Iluminación decorativa: Davide Groppi (por Lumen's)

Iluminación técnica y decorativa: Lumen's Boulevard

Mobiliario a medida y carpintería: Martinez Otero

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Screens fachada: Cortinsa

Suministro de mobiliario: Lifra contract
Rafael Moneo
Lucho Marcial
Antonio Puig

Rafael Vargas