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Xátiva. Valencia

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The City of Sport of Xátiva

Mª Angeles Sánchez y ACXT, arquitectos

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The fusion of an ambitious sports facility project with an architecture of attractive landscape impact has allowed this complex to become the “image and brand” of the entire city.
The City of Sport of Xátiva is defined as a great “red roof” that covers the sports spaces that need covering, embraces those that are left in the open air and is surrounded by spaces for entertainment, leisure and highly attractive landscaped gardens. The project is integrated into an urban grid that it has consolidated and revitalised: today, next to the City of Sport are the Universidad Católica of Valencia and a sports shopping mall, located in blocks adjacent to the complex.
The trapezoid-shaped plot covers a surface of more than 135,000 m2 and the start-up of the works was dependent on the installation of a series of necessary infrastructures such as the channelling of the La Villa ditch that crossed the site, the burying of several high-voltage lines and the demolition of an “ecopark” (clean point) that conditioned its access and which was transferred to a nearby plot with a more suitable and sustainable construction.
Football pitches, athletics tracks, tennis, paddle, beach volleyball, five-a-side and handball courts, swimming pool and a golf course constitute the ambitious sports content of this complex in which architecture and facilities complement each other to achieve a “brand image” space for the whole population.
Both the paving of the plaza and the cantilevered roof redirect to the only existing access, the reception and control point. This double-height hall leads to the sports courts, the gym, the swimming pools, the athletics area and the corresponding changing rooms. After this nucleus the building splits its accesses in two. One of them leads to the team changing rooms and to two groups of communal changing rooms as well as the courts of the sports complex. The other leads to the gym, pools and corresponding male, female and children’s changing rooms.
The City of Sport also boasts rows of gardens in different colours and with leisure spaces that adapt to the existing circumstances and conditioning factors. We may highlight how these spaces have been created through an understanding of the indigenous flora and wildlife in a quest for reduced and sustainable maintenance.

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Ubicación: Xátiva, Valencia. Arquitecto Responsable: Mª Angeles Sánchez Ortega, ACXT arquitectos. Arquitectos: Rafael Papi, Beatriz San Salvador. Costes: Ana Mª Mompo, Vicente Ballester. Estructuras: Romina González, Luis Gutiérrez, Fernando de Aguinaga, Francisco Carlos Gómez, Eduardo Lacruz. Instalaciones: Manuel Peris, Manuel Caro, Carlos García. Paisajismo: Sonia Casas, Mª Angeles Sánchez, Patricia Serrano. Dirección de obra: Mª Angeles Sánchez Ortega, Francisco Francés Pardo. Año: 2011. Superficie: 136.000 m2. Fotografía: David Rocaberti, Francisco Francés, Alfonso Calza, Cesar J. López.
SE1 3QB Londres, Reino Unido