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Málaga. Spain

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Corporate building for textile company

MEHR studio | Matthias Hilgert, Eva Rus Cabanas y Mariana Plana Ponte

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This project’s design combines the simple and minimalist character of the Scandinavian aesthetic with the use of simple and intelligible materials typical of the architecture found in the south of the peninsula. The result is a clear formal expression of the rapprochement between both cultures.
This building was designed for housing the headquarters of the Danish textile company Bestseller in Spain. The transparencies of its enclosures, present throughout the building, create open and welcoming settings that encourage communication between departments and people.
A series of ceramic slats filter the incoming light, providing shade for the interior. These ceramic slats are artisan-made and were executed in the Cumella ceramics workshop. In contrast, the north façade is completely open, with a great curtain wall and concealed joinery. The double-layer enclosures are comprised of cellular concrete blocks and an external exposed brick wall textured with a stucco-like coating.
The finish on the opaque façade again features both the Danish tradition of adding a fine layer of mortar onto the exposed brickwork as a protection against the aggression of the marine environment and the traditional local technique used in the whitewashed villages of Andalusia. The green roof with its biodiversity of plants attracts the local wildlife and turns it into an ecosystem in itself.
The volumetry adapts to the topography of the terrain, with the 6,000m2 it covers distributed over four floors. The access floor is the intermediate one and contains sales offices, meeting rooms and an administrative area. The lower floor houses the display rooms for the collections, the IT department, the agora space and the car park. In the upper floor is the canteen, which has a visual and spatial connection with the terrace and green roof.
Thanks to a sequence of decisions taken in the design phase, the building has won class-A energy rating. Among them is the incorporation of the system of courtyards taken from traditional Mediterranean architecture, which creates shaded areas and façades. The use of materials with high thermal insulation, together with the landscaped bio-diverse roof, provide additional comfort that improves the microclimate thanks to water retention. The structural concrete elements, with high thermal inertia, prevent sudden changes in temperature throughout the day and during the night. In the interior, the HVAC systems are tremendously efficient: CO2 sensors control the demand for conditioned air flow in each one of the areas. The artificial lighting system is monitored and its intensity adapts to the daylight entering at any given time. The rainwater collection system is reutilised for watering the vegetation and the gardens on the site.

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Localización Location: Málaga. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: Matthias Hilgert, Eva Rus Cabanas y Mariana Plana Ponte | MEHR studio. Dirección de obra Site management: Matthias Hilgert. Dirección de ejecución Quantity surveyor: Rafael Paradas López. Colaboradores Collaborators: Marc Quijada Sánchez y Mireia Cruz Aliguer, arquitectos. Instalaciones Facilities: K2 Consulting S.L. Estructuras Structures: Jaume Vizcarro & Associats, S.L. y MP3 Arquitectura i Estructura. Consultor fachada Facade consultant: xmade - material and envelope design S.L. Paisajismo Landscaping: F3 Paisaje Arquitectura. Promotor Developer: Bestseller Wholesale Spain, S.L. Constructora General Contractor: Guamar S.A. Ejecución Completion: 2014-2016. Fotografía Photography: Adrià Goula.
MEHR Studio
Eva Rus Cabanas
Matthias Hilgert
Adrià Goula