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“Gösta Pavilion” Serlachius Museum in Mänttä-Vilppula.

MX_SI Architectural studio

FAD Awards finalist 2015  International
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As a starting point, the place is understood as a great green canvas with the imposing presence of Joenniemi House at its highest point. A landscape that, together with the existing house, is a heritage of cultural importance for the citizens of Mänttä and the Serlachius family. The proposal promotes dialogue between the new and the existence by inserting the new construction in such a way that Joenniemi remains the centre of the scene, while the new museum does not miss out on the opportunity of expressing its contemporary character and presence.
The solution consisted of organising the new volume in parallel to the axis between the house, the garden and the lake. A plaza was created to give access to the building, where Joenniemi House continues to dominate the vistas of the area, and as the topography descends and approaches the lakeshore, the new building increases its height and becomes more prominent.
The project is conceived as an abstract, dense forest. A forest that represents and translates into a series of parallel wooden frames that define the geometry and the structure of the new building. The structural frames are built from laminated fir wood, as it is abundant in the area and makes a historical reference to the local industry.
To reduce the building’s visual impact on such a sensitive setting, the building is broken up into smaller fragments. The volume is interrupted by some irregular-shaped cuts or incisions, covered in a reflecting glass surface. The result is a perception of spaces of infinite mirrors, doors or forest corridors that optically subdivide the building transversally.
The idea of the façade, besides expressing the structural rhythm, considered the effect of time on a living material such as wood. A semi-transparent golden hue was added to all its elements: in the early years the building will maintain a homogeneous image that will vanish to give way to the silvery tones that characterise wood as it ages.
Inside, the building is organised along a route that starts outside and is invaded by the sudden and startling intake of light through the incisions made in the volume and which provide views of the exterior. These surprises transform what would have been a linear route into an emotional walk thanks to the repetitive and constant rhythm of the structural frames, in contrast with the pauses that allow for the external spaces to penetrate the building interior..

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Localización Location: Mänttä-Vilppula (Finlandia). Promotor Promotor: Gösta Serlachius Art Foundation. Arquitectos Architects: MX_SI Architectural studio. Boris Bežan, Architect. Héctor Mendoza Ramirez, Architect, PhD. Mara Partida Muñoz, Architect, PhD. Colaboradores Collaborators: Oscar Fabian Espinosa Servin, Olga Bomač, Elsa Bertran, Mariona Oliver. Arquitecto Local Local Architect: Huttunen- Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects Oy. Pekka Pakkanen (Chief Designer ), Uula Kohonen (Project Architect), Risto Huttunen, Jorma Kuparinen, Francesc Palomeras, Tiia Ettala, Seppo Tusa, Petri Herrala, Satoshi Ohtaki (student of architecture). Project Manager Project Manager: Pöyry CM Oy. Lauri Blom (Project Manager ), Hannu Pellinen (Project Engineer), Raimo Nerg (Construction Supervisor). Consultor estructura Structural Consultant: A-Insinöörit Oy. Launo Laatikainen, Juhani Nurmi. HVA-Consultor HVA-Consultant: AIRIX Talotekniikka Oy. Erkko Aattela, Petri Anttila. Consultor Electricidad Electrical Consultant. Sähkötekniikka Kari Siren Oy. Kari Siren, Juha Siren. Consultor incendios Fire Consultant: Pöyry Finland Oy. Timo O. Salmi. Paisajismo Landscape: Maisemasuunnittelu Hemgård. Gretel Hemgård , Vilja Larjosto. Consultor Geo Geo Consultant: Ramboll Finland Oy. Timo Raitanen. Diseño muestra Sign design: Petitcomite. Joaquim Massana i Esteve, Yolanda Martin. Contratista General Contractor: Jämsän Kone- ja Rakennuspalvelu Oy. Superficie Area: 5.700 m2 (superficie bruta), 3.500 m2 (área neta). Presupuesto Budget: 19 500 000 eur. Fotografía Photography: Pedro Pegenaute, Tuomas Uusheimo.