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Barakaldo, Bizkaia.

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Covering of a sports facility

Carlos Garmendia, Iñaki Tanco y Imanol García de Albéniz, arquitectos.

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Versatility, forcefulness and transparency constitute the principal characteristics of this intervention that ultimately confers an architectural category on a simple job of covering a sports facility.

At the start the client required a roof over a playing space inside a school complex that was marked by the existence of a graded plot with considerable unevenness and the proximity of large playgrounds situated at different heights.

In view of this the authors decided to create a roof cover in the form of an iconic, powerful and direct volume that would be attractive from all the different points of view and perspectives to which it is subject, and one that could eventually become a new point of reference for this place and its surroundings.

The need to create an element that, without losing its category as a spatial value, would allow natural light into the interior facilitated the decision to use perforated sheet metal as a vertical enclosure.

Large prefab concrete pillars together with laminated wood beams bridge the 35-metre span that houses the sports tracks. This whole structure is finally covered in a solid and powerful metal skin in its external aspect but very little apparent from the inside.

This metallic skin is formed from three types of blue perforated sheet metal that recall the graphic elements of a barcode in which a thin line, a thick line and a wide space create a non-rhythmic alternation. By intercalating these three elements along the full width of the façade, an attractive final result is achieved that allows its codes to be customised with the goal of subtly sketching the name of the school on the main south face.

This same language is used to compose another important structural element, the portico, which shelters the goal and dialogues with the blue façade while concealing itself in order to avoid competing with it.

The very angles of the perforated sheet metal create a ruffled composition that breaks up the monotony of the volume, causing different shadows to be thrown at each encounter and filtering the natural light in order to create a pleasant interior space in which to practise sport protected from the weather conditions.

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Situación: Cruces, Bizkaia. Autores: Garmendia Arquitectos. Carlos Garmendia, Iñaki Tanco, Imanol García de Albéniz, Rafael Arrizabalaga. Colaboradores: TCGA arquitectos, EIPA. Promotor: Colegio Salesianos San Juan Bosco. Constructora: Bikani. Fotografía: Carlos Garmendia Fernández.