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Before Everything

ON314 - OCT/2010

To bring us closer to the present of contemporary Spanish art: that is the aim of the exhibition Before Everything, installed at the CA2M Dos de Mayo Art Centre of the Community until 9 January 2011. To this end, its curators Aimar Arriola and Manuela Moscoso have brought together a total of fifty-six artists who, through their pieces, some of them produced specifically for this show, manage to give visibility to different practices that have developed in the Spanish artistic space during the past twenty years.

For the first time figures such as Ignasi Aballí, Txomin Badiola, Carles Congost, Discoteca Flaming Star, Dora García, Lilli Hartmann, Jeleton, Fran Meana, Asier Mendizabal, Sergio Prego, Tere Recarens, Francesc Ruiz, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina and WeareQQ are presented together in a single project, which has been articulated around the idea of expectation understood as a hinge that mediates between past, present and future. The show also explores the threads of continuity established between the ways the different generations work, with the determination to create bridges and reveal their resonances in the present time. In this way it is increasingly clear how more artists approach art in terms of continuity, pointing out that defining the present in terms of rupture, novelty or change is no longer pertinent. Noteworthy in the wide-ranging programme of parallel activities organised is the course Looking at the Present in which some of these artists will analyse the role of art, its creators and the spectators in the current post-capitalist context.


Avenida de la Constitución, 23 – 28931 Móstoles (Madrid)

T/912 760 220

F/916 180 469

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