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The toys of the avant-garde

ON314 - OCT/2010

Nowadays there are few museums which do not offer educational programmes geared towards children and teenagers. Didactic proposals which put them in contact with the forms and concepts of art but which also transmit social and cultural values. A relationship between art and teaching which already awoke an interest in creators during the first half of the twentieth century, and which has now become the starting point for the exhibition The toys of the avant-garde, staged in the Málaga Picasso Museum until 30 January, 2011.

Puppets, miniature stages, dolls and books are a few of the two more than two hundred objects which make up the exhibition and show how these pieces go beyond simple entertainment, responding to the ideological values and aesthetic premises of avant-garde movements such as Constructivism and Functionalism.

Pablo Picasso, Giacomo Balla, Fortunato Depero, Paul Klee, Joan Miró, Alexander Rodchenko and Bruno Munari, an artist pertaining to Italian Futurism who dedicated his work to the world of children and who has a prominent place in the exhibition, give a seal of identity to these creations.


Palacio de Buenavista. San Agustín, 8 – 29015 Málaga

T/952 127 600

F/952 127 608

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