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Garry Winogrand. Women are Beautiful


The value of photography as a social document is undeniable. A good example of this is the work produced during the nineteen-sixties and 'seventies by Garry Winogrand, a photographer born in the Bronx who managed to capture women's social transformation, women's emancipation and their new role in society. Winogrand walked the streets of New York and portrayed women's attitudes in their everyday lives. He also explored the way in which they expressed their sexuality through their hairdos, frocks and behaviour, distancing himself from nude posing and taking the city as the main scenario and spontaneity as the premise. Many of these photographs integrate the series Women are Beautiful, now on display at the Foto Colectania Foundation of Barcelona until 4 June 2011. A series that confirms why Winogrand, together with Lee Friedlander, is considered to be one of the greatest representatives of Street Photography and one of the major renewers of North American twentieth-century photography. From 24 February to 4 June 2011.


Julián Romea, 6 - 08017 Barcelona

T/932 171 626

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