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The Artlantique collection is berthing in Paris this summer

ON320 - JUL/2011

After passing through Barcelona, the Artlantique collection is presented on 30 June in Paris, in the hall of the exclusive Merci shop. This is a unique collection of furniture made from the wood planks of the fishing boats that ply the Senegalese coastline.

The history of this collection began when the designer Ramón LLonch spent some time in the city of Yoff (Dakar) and was bowled over by the great visual power of the boats on the beach. From afar they form a large mosaic filled with eye-catching colours. From close up, the geometric figures that decorate them compose a striking symbology rooted in the ancient traditions and beliefs of the area's inhabitants.

The wood from the West African Samba tree from which these old boats are made was ideal for creating a singular collection of furniture: chairs, tables, stools, rocking chairs, cupboards and mirrors. It did not need to be put through any process or treatment; it has been used exactly as it was, weathered by long navigation in the Atlantic.

The working process began by locating old available boats that, being damaged or deteriorated, could no longer sail. He continued by involving local artisans in the project, who were happy to give a new use to what in reality is their cultural and life heritage. The project not only sought to conserve the wood and its powerful decoration; it also aimed to present it as the testimony of a form of life, respecting the memories of those who created the boats and those who sailed in them.

The tables, chairs, cupboards, etc of Artlantique combine art and the knowledge of two fundamental trades in history: fishing and joinery. Added to this is design as a means of adapting well-known objects to the new possibilities of materials, shapes, functions and significances. Each handcrafted piece is unique, original in its design and in its appearance and in the story it tells. They are modern, contemporary and 100% African in both their raw material and in their entire manufacturing process.


Julivert, 11 - 08197 Valldoreix-Barcelona

T/ 639 788 758

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