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New headquarters for the Dalí Museum in Florida

ON321 - SEP/2011

Since January, Dalí has a new museum in the North American city of Saint Petersburg, Florida; a venue of great international prestige that brings the Catalan painter to the world, thus demonstrating the transcendental nature of his artistic legacy and one where visitors can enjoy the artist's most important collection outside Spain.

The museum's history goes back to the year 1942, when the couple formed by Albert Reynolds Morse and Eleanor Morse attended a retrospective of Dalí's work at the Cleveland Museum of Art and were deeply impressed by the painter's artistic skill. The purchase of their first work, “Spider by Night…Hope”, marked the outset of a forty-year-long relationship of patronage and friendship with Dalí that resulted in an exhaustive collection of paintings by the artist that in 1965 made them embark on the creation of a museum in his honour. Until 1971 the works were displayed at their private residence in Cleveland, Ohio, the year when the couple opened a museum next to their office in Beachwood, also in Ohio. In 1982, and owing to the overwhelming number of visitors, the collection again moved its venue to an abandoned seaside cellar on the coast of Saint Petersburg, Florida, which was renovated to house Dalí's work until 2008, the year when a new location was announced for the museum, which opened its doors in early 2011.

The new headquarters, the work of the architect Yann Weymouth, combines the rational with the fantastical in a building in keeping with Dalí's artistic legacy: concrete on the outside, capable of resisting Florida's hurricane-force winds, and glass and shapes that respond to the enigma emanating from the artist's surrealism in a great glass roof light that marks the entrance to the museum. Inside, an imposing helicoid staircase presides over the space, a representation of the artist's fascination with spirals and the double helix of DNA molecules. More than six thousand square metres distributed over three heights, with a theatre that also operates as a concert and conference hall on the first floor and where a video is shown on the Ampurdanese artist, as well as a large sales room of objects connected with his work and the Gala Café. The second one, dedicated to avant-garde artists, boasts a large library and a centre that seeks to attract the most advanced currents in world painting to experiment and search for innovative trends in the plastic arts.


One Dali Blvd Saint Petersburg, Florida USA 33701

T/ 727.823.3767

F/ 727.894.6068

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