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Max Zorn illustrates Amsterdam


Transforming the street into an art gallery is what the Dutch artist Max Zorn has set out to do. He is an urban artist who, with adhesive tape and a Stanley knife as the only tools, has transformed the night-time appearance of the streets of Amsterdam.

The idea arose one day on which, as on so many others, the artist went out to walk around the city. When he observed the lampposts that illuminated the streets, he saw in them a great unused art gallery. From that time onwards his efforts centred on how to take advantage of that light as a display vehicle and, after experimenting with various materials, he finally chose adhesive tape, which gave rise to a working system of cutting and pasting called Tape Art. Highly skilled work that, by using a Stanley knife as the tool-brush and by superimposing different layers of tape on Plexiglas panels, achieves splendid creations enhanced by the light of the lampposts switched on at dusk.

The project was a personal endeavour but the artist, who is a champion of free art and strives to show his work but not his face, does not rule out the possibility of incorporating sponsors into his work at some point so long as this does not imply a corruption of urban art.


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