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Madrid off

ON342 - APR/2014

Óscar Carrasco is presenting an ordnance survey map of abandoned or disused spaces in the Madrid Community, a concealed Madrid, a parallel territory, a topography comprised of different architectural typologies on the margins of prosperity, without traffic or spectators, that bring to viewers fragments of another city hitherto unknown to them.

Who built them and when, what they were used for or why they have been abandoned are some of the questions asked by the photographer. Pictures that portray the light and atmosphere of each place, lingering over each detail, each piece of flaking paint, each particle of dust floating in the air and each ray of sun, thus discovering the beauty of the ruin, nostalgia and the passage of time, whether in abandoned villages like Aldehuela and Polvoranca, the aseptic spaces of the Gal factory and the Molecular Medicine Institute or in the traces of history such as the Monastery of Santa María la Real in Valdeiglesias and the Capricho bunker, among others.


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