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Symmetries and Asymmetries

ON343 - MAY/2014

The architecture of the most cosmopolitan cities is the source of inspiration of Andrés Castrillo, a young photographer committed to innovation and experimentation in his work.

The Valencia biennial of 2005 at the Museum of El Carmen and the open-air sculptures of

Igor Mitoraj were the two earliest series of this Valencia artist, who presented his first exhibition “Symmetries and Asymmetries”, in Valencia in the year 2012. A highly particular portrait of cities such as Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Florence or Pisa, which Castrillo captures through their architecture in a play of colours and symmetries.

The photographer has also worked with the chef Julio Milla, for whom he produced the “Restaurants Artworks” series that represented a challenge in the search for equilibrium between the modern and the classic, the bold and the conservative. Symmetrical backgrounds, some of them created through the sculptures of Enric Mestre, on which they are imposed, always relating to the hospitality sector.

In “Tomás Llavador. Artworks”, Castrillo is inspired in the work of this architect and his team, more specifically in the Nou Pont de Fusta wooden bridge. Two works, one in a horizontal format in the manner of a diptych and another one in a horizontal format, with symmetry again present, combining the coldness of concrete with the warmth of wood.

The photographer is currently working on a new series on the sculptor David Rodríguez Caballero, in which he will again combine symmetrical backgrounds with elements in the foreground.



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