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Matter and light in architecture


The Aedes Berlin Gallery has this summer staged a show on the Spanish architect Josep Ferrando, held in parallel with the “In progress Matter & Light” exhibition that he has himself designed in a complementary manner as part of the programme of the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale. The two proposals display and enhance the architect’s instruments through the creative process of a project because, in the words of Ferrando himself, “the crucial thing in the architectural work is not only the built work but also the process”.

Conceived as a project in itself, “Matter & Light” has shown the drawing as a representation of light and sculpture as a representation of matter through three screenings on light and twelve maquettes made from a single material (concrete, glass, ceramic, wood, metal and stone) of as many projects by this young architect, who for his production surrounded himself by industrialists such as Cricursa, Breinco, Cosentino, Pidemunt, Room and Cumella as well as the lighting company Lamp. A police station in Salt (Girona), the Terres del Ebre - URV Campus in Tortosa, a golf club in Río de Janeiro, a museum in Finland, a crematorium in Basel and a house in Bescanó were some of the works on display.


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