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Under (de) Construction


After the successful experience of recovering the old cotton factory (Baumwollspinnerei) of Leipzig and its transformation into an art centre, Munich has hosted over a two-month period an innovative cultural and social project located in what had been a military base during the First and Second World Wars: the Luitpold barracks. The area is situated only ten minutes from the city centre, which will be transformed in the next few years into the creative district of Munich (Kreativquartier), a metamorphosis of which the Under (de) Construction project has been a witness and promoter through four areas: exhibition, cultural mediation, revitalisation of the urban space and documentation / research.

The event, which allowed visitors to tour in-situ installations created by eight local and international artists in different spaces and areas of the district, was curated by Laura Sánchez Serrano and, based on the construction / deconstruction theme, reflected the current transformation process of the old military district. Hisae Ikenaga and Nicolás Combarro were the Spanish representatives, in an ideas lab in which the artists confronted the place’s history, architecture and context.

Activities, workshops, discussions, concerts and performances completed the programme, in addition to a film series covering the same theme, produced in cooperation with the Film University of Munich (Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen). The architect Peter Haimerl was the author of the project for the Cocobello pop-up pavilion, which operated as an information centre.



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