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The pataphysical orchestra 2015-2001


CaboSanRoque is presenting at the Arts Santa Mònica the exhibition ‘La cobla patafísica 2015-2001’ (The pataphysical orchestra 2015-2001), a display of the sound machines and artefacts the group has been creating since it was established. Currently comprised of Laia Torrents (industrial engineer) and Roger Aixut (architect), CaboSanRoque is characterised by the construction of complex sound gizmos with a mechanical base, which they programme to transform them into peculiar instruments through which to explore, interacting both on a scenic and on a musical level.

Fantastical sounds issue from their machines, capable of transporting us to new universes. The snap of a metallic tape measure, piano hammers striking saucepans, frying pans or cans, sounding boards made from cow skulls, guitar picks strumming combs and dolls’ hands that, operated by pistons, scrape old ropes all share the space in exceptional mise en scène of magical realism.

Their work has taken them on a pilgrimage to different countries around the world, where they displayed their machines and drew upon sounds and gadgets to create new instruments. An example of this is the installation ‘Los árboles aullaron' (The Trees Howled) from 2012, produced by the National Audio Archive of Mexico and which can be seen in the exhibition for the first time in Europe.

Among their most prominent projects to date are six recordings and collaborations with musicians such as Vinicio Capossela, Carles Santos, Pascal Comelade or Guano Padano, the spectacles 'Bestiari' and 'El run-run del nyigo-nyigo', with Pascal Comelade, Carles Santos, Pierre Bastien and Joan Saura, 'Maquinofòbiapianolera', with Carles Santos, 'Torn de nit', 'Música a màquina' and ‘La caixeta’, as well as the sound installations 'Los arboles aullaron'(Fonoteca Nacional de México), 'Pas de loup' (La Capella, Barcelona) and the recent ‘Orquestra mecànica de la França Xica'.

Photographs: Inga Knölle


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