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Fourth edition of DOCfield, organised by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation. With the subject of “Europe: Lost in Translation”, the programme encompassed 30 free documentary and photojournalism photography exhibitions, with free admission in different art centres, galleries, civic centres, photography schools, other culture spaces around the city and the DOCfield Nights, 4 sessions of night-time outdoor screenings.

The contents of the show, with Natasha Christia as the artistic director, were articulated around three conceptual linchpins: Past-roots; Present-current affairs and Futur-change. The goal was to question the identity and fundamental values of the old continent through emerging, national and international authors as well as to explore hybrid genres and new documentary languages.

DOCfield>16 was seeking to reinforce the educational and participative weight of the exhibitions and the activities; this is why, in addition to the regular guided tours and conferences, it offered “Dear Europe” as a novelty, an entertaining and creative family workshop due to be staged in the civic centres and museums of the districts participating in the festival.

We should lastly mention the call for the third edition of the DOCfield Dummy Award Banco Sabadell Foundation, a prize that recognises the professional sector of photography.


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