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International Film and Architecture Festival


In its fourth edition, the International Film and Architecture Festival (FICARQ), devoted to exploring the intersections between architectural language and filmic language, featured again a double official section devoted to international fiction film production and to documentary film, which seeked to explore the links to architecture, urban planning and art direction.

The official section, the information section and the special screenings comprised a programme of around fifty titles, completed with a series of conferences in which more than twenty architects and as many filmmakers, art directors and specialists in new technologies took part.

With "Las ciudades del futuro" (The cities of the future) and "La revolución tecnológica en el cine" (The technological revolution in film) as the backdrop to the programme, FICARQ rounded off its fourth staging with various workshops, children’s activities and the closing and prize-giving ceremony in the Assembly Hall of La Magdalena in Santander.


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