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Torres-García and the object, art and design


Joaquín Torres-García is a polyhedral artist. For him, a drawing, a book or a toy has the same significance as a wooden construction, a sculpture or a picture.

This exhibition, which gathered together more than 60 works between pictures, drawings, sculptures, toys and furniture by the Uruguayan artist, seeked to showcase the different stages of his production.

The exhibition featured a section dedicated to the world of print, centring above all on illustration for books and advertising sketches. Noteworthy among the first ones was the original drawing for the cover of the mythical book by the ground-breaking Catalan writer Joan Salvat-Papasseit, "Poemes en Ondes Hertzianes" (Poems in Hertzian Waves), dating from 1919. Also on show was a manuscript poem by Alejandro Casona illustrated by Torres-García. The most novel thing was the presentation of a series of previously unseen works, advertising proposals for different companies, produced with the stamp of his personal aesthetic.

The design and manufacture of toys are two of the best-known parallel activities in the Uruguayan artist’s trajectory. His important pedagogical training, together with becoming a father, transformed these toys—which were born as play companions for his children—into a new working path. His toys are aesthetically very attractive and are produced according to the rules laid down by the most cutting-edge pedagogical currents of the time. Many of them, even, owing to their geometric block aesthetic, are a foretaste of the route taken by the painting of Torres-García years later.

In this multiplicity of facets, the exhibition demonstrated that Torres-Garcíais always himself, either painting large oils or sculpting, drawing or designing toys and objects.


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