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1,000 m2 of desire. Architecture and sexuality


Through around 250 pieces between drawings and architects’ maquettes, art pieces, installations, fiction films and documentaries, books and other materials, the exhibition that could be seen until 19 March at CCCB explored the power exercised by spaces as a driver of desire and how architecture has contributed to controlling behaviours and to creating gender stereotypes in our patriarchal society.

The proposal, curated by the architect Adelaïde de Caters and the CCCB’s head of exhibitions Rosa Ferré, presented some of the projects that have subverted traditional models and advocated utopias of sexual cohabitation. Many of the spaces on display have never been built, only imagined, and have been constructed through language or the screened image.

The show covered three thematic sections: Sexual utopias, Libertine refuges and Sexographs, and included several “mini-exhibitions” curated by different specialists: a reproduction of Nicolas Schöffer’s Centre for Sexual Leisure (Eléonore de Lanvandeyra Schöffer and Guillaume Richard), a reading room containing libertine fiction (Marie-Françoise Quignard), an installation dedicated to Playboy magazine and its architecture (Beatriz Colomina and Pep Avilés) and a typical 1970s porn cinema (Esther Fernández).

It also presented the newly created installation “Right Into Her Arms”, by William Kentridge, which the South African artist produced for the staging of the opera Lulu, by Alban Berg.


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08001 Barcelona. Spain

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