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Neolith 2016 Awards


Neolith, a brand specialising in compact, sintered, large-format surfaces, organised in December the third edition of the Neolith Design Competition by TheSize, an initiative that seeks to recognise the work of professionals and students who have incorporated into their projects the firm’s technological surfaces, applicable both in interior design and in architecture.

In this edition, as well as the 2 already announced award categories–the professional ‘My Neolith Project’ open to architects, interior decorators and designers, and the “Neolith New Talents” for students–a third category denominated “Year’s Best Workshop” has been added, open to professional masons.

The theme chosen this year was residential spaces. In the professional category, participants had to present major residential projects in which Neolith was present in at least two different applications. The students were asked to design an urban 50-m2 micro-apartment with two levels and an outdoor area, with Neolith integrated into the highest possible number of applications. The Workshop professionals had to present “great small works of art” of important technical complexity that demand the know-how, ingenuity and skill of a true master.

The prize-winning projects were the following: in the My Neolith Project category, first prize went to the project “Ester’s House” in Madrid, designed by Casas Homm. This is a prefab concrete house where Neolith has been used for the flooring of the entire house. For the interior the Pietra di Piombo Silk model was used, while the model Pietrra di Luna Silk was used for paving the outdoor area. The project stands out for the use of different formats and for being cut to size, allowing the Neolith pieces to the adapted to the structural joins intrinsic to the modular fabrication system used by Casas Homm. The special mention went to “Titania Passive House Plus” in Madrid built by Daniel Diedrich + Talia Dombriz (Estudio DMDV Arquitectos SLP). In the international edition the award went to “AJ flat” in Lisbon, by Apparatus Architects.

In the students section, first prize went to Javier Rueda of the Zamora School of Art and Higher School of Design for his “Minimal Apartment” project. Prominent in this work is the play of different textures and lights to evoke a series of sensations without eschewing the functionality and comfort required in any kind of home. We should also highlight the special mention for the proposal for an urban apartment called “The Skin I Live In” presented by the students Miguel Ángel Flores and Carlos Cotés of Edib University in Palma de Mallorca.

The prize-winning project in the Year’s Best Workshop category went to “Enigma” in Barcelona, by the marble mason Jaime Rodón Martínez. Albert Adrià’s new gastronomic project is a restaurant in which the mason’s job consisted of cladding kitchen and bathrooms plus installing countertops, extractor hoods and furniture. The special mention was for the “Única Studio” project produced by Emilio López de Molorramo, in Madrid. The project consists of renovating the showroom by applying Neolith in different spaces such as the bathroom, using the La Bohème model, where even the washbasin drain was clad in the same material.


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