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World Press Photo 2017


Barcelona hosted until 5 June the most renowned photojournalism exhibition worldwide: the winning photos of the World Press Photo, a sample of critical contents on current affairs that generates public opinion and concentrates more than 3 million people.

This edition has seen 80,408 images entered in the competition by 5,034 photographers from 125 countries (with a representation of 222 Spanish photographers), of which the jury selected 143.

The Turkish photographer Burhan Ozbilici, of the Associated Press news agency, signs the winning photograph: “An Assassination in Turkey”, the image of the killer of the Russian ambassador in Ankara, with the lifeless body of the diplomat, Andrei Karlov, lying on the floor. The snapshot was published on the front page of The New York Times newspaper and in the words of the jury “reflects the explosion of hate in our times; every time you see it you are shaken".

There are four Spanish photographers among the winners: Francis Pérez, awarded first prize in the “Nature” category with the photograph “Caretta Caretta Trapped”, which shows a sea turtle on the coast of Tenerife entangled in a fishing net. Jaime Rojo, third-prize winner in the same “Nature” category with “Monarchs in the Snow”, an image showing dozens of butterflies lying lifeless in Michoacán, Mexico, after a snow storm. Santi Palacios, second-prize winner in the “Contemporary Issues” category with “Left Alone”, the image of a Nigerian girl crying next to her brother over the death of their mother on board an NGO rescue boat in July 2016. Carla Tramullas, first-prize winner in the “Immersive Storytelling” category in the Digital Storytelling Contest with the piece “The Dig" on the voluble scenario of human relations. 

The migratory crisis remains the prominent topic of the competition, as is political conflict, human mobility, the influence of technology on connectivity or information traffic and the impact of humans on the environment.

The “Seeing is Understanding” slogan seeks to reflect the mission of the Dutch foundation which organises the competition. “Through projects such as World Press Photo Barcelona, photography becomes a tool for raising social awareness—explains Silvia Omedes, director of Photographic Social Vision, organizer of the exhibition—; this is why we put special emphasis on enlarging the exhibition with parallel activities and guided tours, to facilitate the comprehension of the images in all their depth and the stories behind them. In this way, through photojournalism, visitors broaden their knowledge and awareness of the world and of current affairs”.

The photos which have won in the competition are annually displayed in more than 80 cities of 40 countries.


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