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3D. Printing the world

15.06.2017 - 22.10.2017

Three-dimensional printing has brought a technological revolution to disciplines as varied as medicine, fashion, technology, gastronomy, architecture, design and art, redefining esential concepts such as authorship, sustainability, learning and accessibility.

The "3D. Printing the World” exhibition allows the visitor to explore the impact of this new individualised production technology. The show is organised into four major thematic blocks: From the bit to the atom; In the rear-view mirror; The three-dimensional footprint and A step beyond. The first one explains what 3D printing consists of, the types of printing and the variety of materials being used. The second one analyses the origins and evolution of this technology until the present day. The third one shows examples of how this technology is being applied in several fields, as the first fashion collection produced with this technology or bionic components for aeroplanes that lighten the weight and facilitate production. And the last block gives predictions and future expectations of 3D printing.

In the field of architecture, examples are displayed of urban cabins produced through three-dimensional printing technology, inviting us to reflect on the possibilities that are opening up for producing different types of constructions. In the field of art, the show exhibits from “Project Egg”, the largest collaborative art work in 3D produced by hundreds of people from all over the world with their 3D printers, to a replica Stradivarius violin printed with this technology.

As well as objects, the show is completed with educational workshops for all ages as well as a series of viewings and audiovisuals, prominent among them interviews with professionals of disparate profiles such as bioengineering, design, philosophy, robotics or the “maker” movement.

Until 22 October 2017


Fuencarral, 3
Madrid. Spain

T/+34 915 808 700

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