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Rough matters, art and matter


“Once you slow down and look very closely at the things surrounding you, you might hear them whisper... That’s when I take the picture”, says the photographer Shoky Van der Horst.

Although specialized in the field of fashion (she has worked with internationally renowned magazines and has collaborated in fashion advertising campaigns for Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs and Mac Douglas amongst others), Van der Horst has also approached the artistic photography several times, with the aim of shooting more freely with the camera.

The outcome of her last artistic project is “Rough matters”, an exhibition that could be visited until mid-July at Vivendi Gallery in Paris, in which the artist transformed the toughness and roughness of different materials—such as rusted boat hulls, bright red tubes and weathered wood—in arresting images. In her lens common matter is sublimated; it is lifted with such an emotional intensity that it acquires a poetic vision. Van der Horst sees the poetry in the prosaic, and this is intrinsic to her art.


28 place des Vosges
75003 Paris. France

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