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Hotel Yooma, a dialogue between art and architecture


The designer Ora Ito benefited from the complicity of the conceptual artist Daniel Buren when designing the Yooma Hotel. Situated near the Seine at a distance of only 1km from the Eiffel Tower, the establishment seeks to counteract the successful Airbnb offering by constituting a new accommodation concept: attractive to couples, families or groups of friends, plus at a highly affordable price.

The timeless aluminium that sheaths the façade allows the building to harmoniously integrate into the unique scenario of this Parisian district, with its typical ‘seventies constructions.

Ora Ito has added a floor to the existing structure and all the rooms (106 in total) levitate above a spacious glazed lobby. Exposed concrete guides the guests from the entrances and corridors to the rooms like an architectural extension of the exterior. Once in the rooms, the explosion of solid colours such as red, green, blue and yellow is spectacular.

In the rest of the building, Daniel Buren has designed an injection of intense blue colour that serves to structure the hotel in both the interior communal areas and on the façade, where the French artist has also applied his iconic black and white stripes to generate a play of volumes and add a sense of depth.

With Yooma, Daniel Buren and Ora Ito have invented a vibrant work, a meaningful dialogue between art and architecture.




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