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Lamps designed with cooling technology


Dyson is adding a new category to its product portfolio: LED luminaires designed by Jake Dyson, the company founder’s son, who is joining the company with this project and bringing to it his extensive knowledge in the field of lighting.

“In the past ten years we have been developing new LED technology to obtain lamps of greater quality. Thanks to our cooling technology we have succeeded in creating domestic lamps that last longer and produce high-quality light”, explains Jake Dyson.

Although in principle it may appear that the new product category does not fit in the range of products the company traditionally manufactures (all of them associated with air: hairdryers, hand dryers, vacuum cleaners and fans), it is indeed connected given that the lamps use the Cooling Technology system to cool the LEDs, which allows retaining the light’s initial colour for more than 35 years as well as saving energy.

Jake Dyson emphasises the importance of ongoing investment—one of the premises of his company: major investment in research—in exploring and applying the “Healthylight” concept, with solutions for poor lighting conditions such as glare, dim light, inconsistent colour, etc. to favour the user’s health and wellbeing. “It is not a question of launching yet another product on the market but of making consumers’ lives easier”, concludes the young designer.


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