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Lego House, the art of assembling bricks


Good news for Lego fans: 28 September saw the opening of the Lego House in the Danish town of Billund, a 12,000-square-metre building designed by architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) which reflects the creativity and values of the well-known toy brand.

Its design took inspiration from the emblematic plastic Lego brick: the 23-metre-tall structure comprises 21 white blocks stacked one on top of each other, crowned by one with the exact proportions of a large-size 2x4 Lego brick. The façade was covered in ceramic tiles to give the impression that the building is made from real Lego bricks.

The construction’s ground floor houses a Lego shop, three restaurants and several conference rooms, plus a 2,000-m2 public square without any visible columns to give visitors the pleasant impression that they are in a very large, obstacle-free open space. The first and second floors contain a variety of themed activities distributed around four zones, each one in a different colour, representing specific aspects of children’s learning: creativity in the red-coloured zones, cognitive skills in the blue ones, social play in the green and emotions in the yellow ones. The top floor houses a gallery of large dimensions where Lego fans can display their creations, and there is a museum in the basement showcasing the company’s history and Lego’s evolution over the years.

As Lego Group’s chairman Jørgen Vig Knudstorp states, “With this house, we will have a unique place where everyone—adults and children—can enjoy the endless creative possibilities that Lego bricks have to offer”.


Ole Kirks Plads 1
7190 Billund. Denmark

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