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A dialogue between past and future of Norman Foster’s social legacy


Norman Foster’s architecture has always sought to use technical knowledge to prefigure the future and to overcome physical or social barriers. Taking inspiration from both historic constructions and from scientific advances, his projects reconcile tradition and modernity, urban intelligence and transformative capacity, aesthetic excellence and technological innovation.

From interventions on heritage buildings to projects that design capsules for living on the moon, Foster’s work recovers the memory of the past and anticipates the needs of the future without ceasing to be solidly rooted in the demands and pressing needs of the present. His proposals for new working or cultural spaces, care facilities for cancer patients or communities lacking in infrastructures as well as sustainable urban developments stimulate a resolve to make cities more habitable having into account social awareness, openness to change and innovation.

Through more than 30 maquettes, 160 drawings and audiovisuals, the “Norman Foster. Common Futures” exhibition examined the more social facet of this British architect and the less publicised aspects of his buildings such as sustainability, wellbeing, health and quality of life.


Fuencarral, 3
Madrid. Spain

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