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The space of dreams

14.09.17 - 05.01.18

The guiding thread for this exhibition is the different ways of capturing the world of dreams in art through a painstaking selection of works by top-flight artists such as Dalí, Picasso, Miró, Calder, Chagall, Brossa and Magritte.

“The space of dreams” centres on the historic avant-gardes, especially surrealism — a movement that officially started in Paris in 1024, though it could be said that the three preceding years were already breathing life into Paris’s Dadaist focus, configured by the same members who would later sign up to surrealism – and its ramifications. The show is prolonged in time with more recent works that are also characterised by reflecting the subconscious.

There are many examples of how dreams are extrapolated to the arts: from a more engaged viewpoint with Pablo Picasso’s engravings entitled “The Dream and Lie of Franco”, or other more playful and dynamic ones such as Miró’s “the Flight of the Lark”, or the disparate scenes of Dalí’s “Rhinoceros Disintegrating” watercolour, which adopts a methodology similar to psychoanalysis therapy. In the words of Freud, who had such a major influence on surrealism, “I believe that if the subject possesses the gift of art, so mysterious from the psychological point of view, he can transform dreams into artistic creations instead of transforming them into symptoms. He thus escapes the destiny of the neuroses and enters into a relation with reality”.

The exhibition is based on two literary works: “Trajectoire du Rêve” by André Breton, as the origin of the incursion of dreams into the world of art, and “Dreams” by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Francesco Bonami, which is the confirmation of the permanence of dreams in contemporaneity, in such a way that to painted or sketched dreams we add the dreams described and theorised by the poets who founded surrealism, without whom the work of the painters would have been different. It is a happy decision by the exhibition curator, Viçens Altaio, to have included in the show the texts that allow for a deeper analysis of the works.

Until 5 January 2018


Consell de Cent, 286
08007 Barcelona. Spain

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