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New forms of community coexistence and self-organisation


“Open, shared design with minimal environmental impact”: this is how the La Borda housing cooperative describes the wooden building it is erecting in the old factory complex of Can Batlló in Barcelona, on land transferred by the city hall for a 75-year period.

The project will consist of 28 collectively-owned homes plus a series of community spaces. All the buildings will have a basic 50-m2 structure; there will be the option to add one or two modules to generate larger types. This modular structure will allow some of the homes to be modified in future according to the occupiers’ needs.

The building has been designed by the LaCol practice. For this architects’ cooperative the participation of the real users of La Borda was essential throughout the process, design, realisation and use. LaCol and La Borda have a deep joint understanding in this social and neighbourly transformation lab. The vision of the two cooperatives is to create incentives for community life and a sustainable construction system that uses wood and an environmental device operating as a greenhouse to provide heat in winter. In the summer, overheating is avoided by evacuating the heat chimney-like via an upper ventilation system. Once completed, it will be the tallest wooden building in Spain.


Carrer de la Constitució, 85-89
08014 Barcelona. Spain



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