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Cecilie Manz, designer of the year


Maison&Objet Paris chooses Cecilie Manz as designer of the year. Since 2015, the international design and interior decoration trade fair chooses a "Creator of the Year" for each one of its two annual editions, a “product designer” profile in January and an “interior decorator” profile in September.

After graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Design, Objects and Furniture in 1997, Manz completed her training at the Helsinki University of Arts and Design and founded her own studio in Copenhagen. Her first project, “The Ladder”, a chair/staircase, was quickly adopted by Nils Holger Moormann after this German producer discovered its prototype in a decoration magazine. Then came the Caravaggio lamp (2005, Lightyears), which became a bestseller.

Rather than a style, the Scandinavian approach she champions—while confessing that she often finds it somewhat exaggerated—“has to reflect the way of life of these countries”, something Cecilie Manz shows with the colour palette she uses, where there is always a subtle play of grey nuances and warm hues.

Her Danish origin also transcends in her determination to remove any superfluous element to focus on the essentials, even when minimalism and the simplicity of lines entails a challenge in each new project.

At the upcoming staging of Maison&Objet, Cecilie Manz will present an exhibition combining extant pieces with the novelties resulting from her latest experimentations.


8 rue Chaptal CS 50028
75442 Paris cedex 09. France

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