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29.11.17 - 28.01.18

Daniel Canogar presents a show of 24 media artworks articulated around technological change, graphically evincing the complexity of today’s digital world. Curated by Sabine Himmelsbach, “Fluctuaciones” sets out a reflection on the paradigms of data society and the transitions between the virtual and the real world. Here the artist uses technological means, placing them at the service of a novel artistic experience and at the same time engaging in an aesthetic dialogue with the digital environments.

In the exhibition’s major installations and generative video animations, Canogar addresses the impact of technologies on society, giving visibility to the passage from electromechanical to digital systems and examining the position occupied by the individual in a technologically interconnected era.

Prominent among the pieces is “Sikka Ingentium”, the culmination of Canogar’s reflections to date on technological change and the broken libraries of our cultural memory. This large-format sculptural video installation comprised of 2,400 films in a DVD format configures a breathtaking, abstract audiovisual mosaic based on our cinematic past.

The exhibition also features a comprehensive educational and cultural programme, with different activities such as dynamised tours and inter-generational workshops for all kinds of public, guided tours for groups and the now classic Encounters in Alcalá 31, where the artist and other specialists in this field will offer their own point of view on the show.

Until 28 January 2018


Alcalá, 31
28014 Madrid. Spain

T/+34 917 2 8 251

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