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The Nibelungen Ring, the ring of creation


“Prose cannot express the emotional nuances that sound and colour awaken”.

These words by Kandinsky give us a glimpse of the intense experience that the Manel Pujol Baladas exhibition offers us. We are witnessing an interesting creative dialogue brimming with power, lyricism and blazing colorations.

The Catalan artist confronts nothing less than the vast body of music of Der Ring des Nibelungen, the tetralogy through which Wagner aspired to the total work of art. There is something of this in Pujol Baladas’ exploit after an entire lifetime of artistic practice, that common aspiration to summing up an expressive ability and wisdom built up after a trajectory of relentless searching. Undoubtedly the refined technique behind his compositional work, with its great gestural dynamism, succeeds in transmitting new signals to our brain by exploring the possibilities of diverse materials and textures in order, in the words of the painter, to “assault the soul”.

It involves translating the Wagnerian leitmotifs into shapes and colours through 33 majestic canvases that recall the creation of the universe: some with black backgrounds from which colour emerges with all the force of a Valkyrie’s curse; others with tonal gradations of immense subtlety, like when Wagner uses the oboe or the clarinet to express a character’s sweetness or pain.

An exponent of lyrical abstraction, the Mexico-based Catalan artist has staged 80 solo and collective exhibitions in Spain, Mexico, United States, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Sweden and France. His works hang in museums around Europe and America.

The show is held in the Macay (Fernando Garcia Ponce Contemporary Art Museum) in Mérida, Mexico. Pujol Baladas opened the series of 25 exhibitions of the 6th staging of the Mayan Culture Festival (Ficmaya) and will be on view in Yucatan’s capital until the 5th of January.


Pasaje de La Revolución 58-60, Centro
97000 Mérida, Yuc., México

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