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Arco, a wink to the Seventies


The aesthetics of the Seventies serves as inspiration of this iconic furniture collection, composed by a couch, chairs, tables and high stools. Designed by the Valencian interior design Masquespacio studio for Houtique, Arco is builded up, as its name in Spanish indicates, from different rounded arcs that create a funny play of forms.

Metal is a cold and industrial material; nevertheless, on this occasion it is converted into eye-catching and attractive creations through sinuous forms with vivid colors. The velvet upholstery produced and commercialized by Houtique adds a touch of warmth to the design and also conveys an authentic vintage aspect.


Roger de Lauria, 11
46002 Valencia. Spain

T/+34 963 527 756



Creu Roja, 1
46014 Valencia. Spain

T/+34 960 001 209

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