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Creative lighting technology for offices and public buildings


The slender aluminium profile of Compar pendant luminaires cedes the leading role to its luminous effect. The structure comprises two linear downlight modules and an optional uplight component that offerss a glare-free light with dimming options, with constant light colour, that illuminates work planes in compliance with standards.

Indirect light simultaneously illuminates the ceiling in the room and creates a pleasant atmosphere, even with the optional variable "tunable white" light colour, aiming to bring the rhythm of daylight into offices—with a fresh, stimulating daylight tone in the morning, and with a soft warm white in the evening—, to disrupt the biological rhythm of office users as little as possible.

The luminaire body with a purist design makes them ideal for architectural lighting. The profile corresponds in width and height to the familiar erco Hi-trac track, thus providing lighting designers with interesting combination options. Each luminaire has two direct distributions, linear lighting technology modules each with six LEDs, whilst the direct/indirect variants feature additional diffuse, soft distribution LED units on the upper side of the profile.

The extra wide flood rotationally symmetric distribution with approximately 85° beam angle allows the especially efficient illumination of ancillary areas and circulation areas with economically wide luminaire spacing.


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