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Open windows in Modelo prison

21.01.18 - 30.04.18

Barcelona’s old gaol, popularly known as the Modelo, is being refurbished as a centre for social and cultural activities.

The opening of the new civic space, inaugurated on the 21st of January, is accompanied by a photographic exhibition, “Expuestos: el valor de la intimidad" (Exposed: the value of intimacy) which displays a series of large-format photographs of the interior spaces on the wall of the site.

The project resulted from the photographic reportage undertaken by Josep Maria de Llobet to document what the prison’s interior was like at the time it was closed down on 8 June 2017 after 113 years of existence. In the photographer’s words, “the aim was to open up windows in the prison’s perimeter wall to display a selection of photographs on its outer face, looking out towards the city, so that everyone could see what the inside concealed”.

The photographic exhibition can be visited until the end of April 2018.


Entença, 155
08029 Barcelona. Spain

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