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Das Haus 2018


Das Haus is the project at IMM that allows a young designer to present their vision of today’s home based on a real house in an area of around 200m2 situated in Hall 2.2 of Villa Pure.

In the 2018 edition, the design carried the signature of Lucie Koldova, an interior decorator and product designer specialising in lighting, who presented a house divided into seven spaces, or “light levels”. “In my ‘Haus’, light plays the main role, and the furniture completes the rooms, not the other way around!”, explained Koldova.

Each room aimed to represent a certain feeling and perform a practical role in everyday life in order to satisfy individual needs. Then, at its heart, a living room represented shared experiences. Given that the designer loves design and clothes, she created the “Dress Room”, and since she does not like cooking, her house did not have a kitchen.


Messeplatz, 1
50679 Cologne. Germany

T/+49 221 821 2627

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