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2018: 100th birth anniversary Achille Castiglioni


In celebration of this important year of the grand master of design, the Achille Castiglioni Foundation showcased in the historical studio of the architect in Milan a series of copies of items and furnishings produced by companies such as Alessi and Zanotta, historically associated with Achille Castiglioni. Furthermore, along the year 2018, it organized some events in order to remember, rediscover and introduce young designers to Achille Castiglioni's work.

Among the events, we highlight two exhibitions: “Dimensione Domestica, Atto III”, that recreated Achille Castiglioni's studio as it was in 1984, and his dining room, and “100x100 Achille”, which title recalls the Architect's passion for anonymous items—that fill the famous display cabinets in his studio—. Leading figures in the world of contemporary interior design and architecture were asked to choose an item of unknown origin and present it as a gift to the Foundation on 16 February as their own symbolic contribution to his collection.


Piazza Castello, 27
20121 Milan. Italy

T/+39 028 053 606

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