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The city of Barcelona seen from the sky. The architect, aviator and photographer Jon Tugores gives us a reading of scale and detail, grouping together the different stages in the city’s history with a certain intention. For the first time we can see all of Catalonia in a single image, from Barcelona’s Ensanche district to the Pyrenees. The Catalan capital photographed by Tugores is the image of a territory responding to a single project understood as a local entity, interconnected and linked to the world by material and information flows. A territory built as an urban habitat where everything is inhabited, even the sky, where urban and rural form part of a consistent, rational, planned unit.

“Jon Tugores has invented a new art in aerial photography. He has uncovered for us as real the landscapes, colours and transparencies that we had only known from oriental painting” —Extract from the article by Vicente Guallart, who promoted the creation of this book together with Carles Llop and Willy Muller.

The book won a Mention in the FAD Awards 2018 in the category of Thought and Critique. The jury said: “We value the unique gaze of the architect-photographer on an abundantly contemplated and portrayed metropolis, Barcelona. Situated in the line of a lengthy tradition of urban representations—choosing the panoramic format and the aerial view—the author creates an autonomous photographic sequence that leads us from landscape abstraction to the massive presence of built density, dispensing with recurring essays or text adjuncts”.


Roca i Batlle, 2
08023 Barcelona. Spain

T/+34 933 282 183



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