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Poetic interpretation of the architectural image


The Foto Colectania Foundation hosted from 21 March to 17 June 2018 the exhibition entitled “Paco Gómez Archive. The poetic instant and the architectural image”, featuring one of the central players in the intense renewal process of Spanish photography of the second half of the twentieth century: the photographer Francisco Gómez.

Through 150 black-and-white photographs, plus other materials such as magazines and publications, the show displayed the various facets of Francisco Gómez’s wide-ranging photographic career, emphasising his professional production in the field of architectural photography and editorial collaboration, particularly with “Arquitectura” magazine between 1959 and 1974.

“He is one of the few photographers who consciously carries out an urban documentary practice. He photographed a crucial era for architecture in our country—from the 1960s to the mid-‘70s—which saw an important renewal, with major names and works”, explains Alberto Martín, the exhibition’s curator.

His view was forged in a dialogue with important architects, key figures of the 1960s who transformed the country’s architecture through a brutalist canon, a style that champions the aesthetic value of structures and construction elements. His architectural images achieve important expressive power thanks to the play of light and shadow, in which the light emerges as the definer of curved, oblique or inclined spaces.

Francisco Gómez was able to capture the growth of districts on Madrid’s periphery, frontiers where the city abruptly ends and the countryside begins and where he places the human figure in landscapes of uncompromising austerity. His work thus stands in a territory equidistant from realism and abstraction, subjective photography and the neorealism that characterised his era.


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