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Balance between communication and concentration


After the renovation project undertaken by the Franco-Swiss architect Bernhard Tschumi, the old textile factory that houses the prestigious École Cantonale d’Art of Lausanne (ECAL) displays an open, spacious and luminous structure to adapt to the needs of the 600 young designers from more than 40 countries who study subjects such as fine arts, photography, film and graphic or industrial design.

One of the premises for the reform consisted of maintaining the building’s industrial charm, especially in its interior. The exterior of the old factory is now clad in a second skin, a grid-like metallic mesh forming a system of guides that define the functions of each space in the interior, divided into 4 zones —reception, offices, seminar rooms and classrooms for master classes— in such a way that the external structure maintains a dialogue with the interior design.

To come up with a solution for the challenge of managing the interior’s “open space”, the Haller modular furniture system was chosen. It is created by the Swiss firm USM (Ulrich Scharer Münsingen). On one hand, the iconic furniture has a practical storage function; on the other, its elements are spatially effective, helping to define each zone through versatile modules that adapt to different heights without the need to close off the structures.


Thunstrasse 55
CH-3110 Münsingen, Switzerland

T/+41 31 720 72 72



5, avenue du Temple
CH-1020 Renens, Switzerland

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