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Art reinvents itself and takes to the streets


Six artists reinterpret six classic works under the transgressive gaze of the photographer Biel Capllonch. The action is part of the #BeAnartist campaign for the Etnia Barcelona eyewear label, which stars the artists Nano4814, Mercedes Bellido, Boldtron, Musa71, Cristina Daura and Mr Piro.The result will be on view until 17 April in a series of advertising panels located in central spots around Madrid and Barcelona. 

Through this campaign, Etnia Barcelona is presenting its new SS2018 eyewear collection, which comprises 37 new designs. Different collections for different personalities: Originals for purists, Advanced for techies, Vintage for lovers of classic shapes and Capsules for the bold.

Creative freedom and defiance of traditional artistic canons as a way of expressing that vision is personal, unique and non-transferrable, just as each pair of glasses manifests a different attitude and way of viewing and understanding the world.

Click here to see more information about #BeAnartist.


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