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After almost ten years devoted to researching the different uses of natural clay applied to architecture and interior design, Matteo Brioni has become a veritable touchstone in the ceramics world.

His company, which comprises a team expert in applying and experimenting with the production of this malleable and sustainable material, is guided by the architect Marialaura Rossiello of Studio Irvine as its artistic director. For Rossiello, “Matteo is synonymous with ecology, passion and a heart that speaks through an ethical material capable of adapting to any shape and aesthetic desire, a material that enters into a relationship with the person”.

Brioni’s commitment to adapting the teachings of a millennium-old culture to a contemporary perspective produces works as beautiful and unique as the “Capitelli” and “Stratigrafie” collections, on display at Agape 12 (Via Statuto, 12) and Space & Interiors (The Mall, Porta Nuova) during the Milano Design Week 2018.


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