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Functional and decorative lighting for workspaces


"Why can’t an office have lighting that is both functional and decorative?” Questions such as this one characterise the design agency Boos & Schulz Designagentur (BSD), founded in 2011 by Daniel Schulz and Ingmar Boos to pursue unconventional paths for developing new ideas in the field of interior lighting and architecture.

Boos and Schulz have been supported by a revolution in lighting technique: light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are gradually taking over in detriment of conventional electric lamps. “LEDs are not only more energy-efficient than light bulbs, for example; with their compact shape and powerful one-way light they also open up a world of possibilities in lamp design, such as flat structures”, says Schulz.

Based on this technique, the two designers have created two novelty office lamps: “Cielo” and “Liviano”, with a barely perceptible casing in which the light becomes the designer element. In both models, the material chosen was Plexiglas®. “It convinced us not only for its conductivity of the light but also for its highly valuable appearance and because it is easy to process”, explains Schulz.

The material for “Cielo”, for example, not only has to be well-cut and mechanised by laser; it also has to be deformable to adopt a dome shape. In this model, the lines of light come together on a transparent and bulgy panel of Plexiglas to form a non-glare soft light, creating an even and pleasant lighting effect. The “Liviano” model features a highly effective play of lines that changes depending on the viewer’s perspective. The lamp’s Plexiglas shade is convincing even when switched off thanks to its highly valuable appearance.


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