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An uncrowned king at the Milano Design Week 2018


The garden of the Santa Teresa media library on the Milanese Via della Moscova sheltered a monumental installation during the 2018 edition of the Milano Design Week: a set of imposing gold leaf-shaped lamps guided visitors to a raised room, like an altar, with the walls, floor and ceiling covered in Sunbrella fabrics in an intense blue. At the back of the room, a giant four-metre-high teddy bear clothed in the same fabric spilt a gold tear because he could not put on the crown; the ceiling was too low for him.

The bear, illuminated by two Refuge-model lamps, was flanked by a pair of Les Araignées chairs as if they were two soldiers, upholstered in the same fabric of the manufacturer of indoor and outdoor fabrics. With his soft body, the uncrowned king invited us to enter and make ourselves comfortable on his belly, between his legs or to sit on his plump thighs.

Sunbrella’s expert savoir-faire in textiles, partnered with the extraordinary creativity and inimitable designs of Marc Ange, resulted in a spectacular installation, the product of a deeply thoughtful creative process.


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