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Onsans and Onserif for On Diseño


On occasion of the recently opened “Do You Work or Design?” exhibition at Barcelona’s Design Museum* (which gives an overview of the history of graphic design from the nineteen-eighties until 2003) we have unearthed these extracts from the news item on the new typeface for On Diseño designed by Íñigo Jerez (Extra Estudio), published in the year 2001 in issue 222 of On Diseño:

With issue number 79, this magazine launched the application of the project developed by Yves Zimmermann, which has been maintained, with logical variations and adaptations, over the past fifteen years. Without the slightest intention of altering the substance of a graphic proposal that still retains its currency, to the point of having become of the most characteristic identifying signs of the publications, it was thought pertinent to proceed to the graphic renewal of the On Diseño image, important though invisible, as Iñigo Jerez, who is responsible for the new typographical design of the magazine, has stated. In the words of the designer we can discover some of the most outstanding aspects of this exciting design adventure, one of the most truly unusual ones in the context of this country’s graphics. This is the first article to use the new typeface, which will shortly be definitively replacing the repertoires used hitherto.

[…] It is not usual for projects in typographic design to arise, and it can be considered to be exceptional to design a typeface for a text, and even more exceptional to be commissioned to do so. […]

[…] the project begins with a chaotic sketching process in which the parameters that limit it are no longer contemplated. Throughout the process, all the influences that will gradually configure it are poured into it. The final result is a faithful reflection of the initial process, an eclectic typeface that shares the features of the most classical calligraphy, a more functional condensed aspect and a subtle synthesis, elements that were to evolve and become defined during the production process. […]

Click on here to go to the piece of news on “Do you Work or Design?” exhibition.


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