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Saul Leiter: In Search of Beauty


With its 130 colour and black-and-white photographs, the “Saul Leiter: In Search of Beauty” exhibition displays all the facets of one ot the biggest photographers of this and the previous century, precursor of colour photography and, at the same time, invites to share the pulse and energy of the 1940s and ‘50s New York streets he knew.

Although Leiter combined photography and painting throughout his life (he painted every day until his death at the age of 89, in November 2013), the camera became the medium through which he succeeded in capturing and interpreting life on the streets of New York like no-one had done before. Many of his snapshots occur within a two-block radius of his East Village apartment where he lived since the 1950s. The images stand out for the talent and the complex approach of the artist, often with the central theme out of focus—a concept that had no precedent in fashion and advertising—, as well as for the mastery and originality in the use of colour. He liked to photograph behind the edges of objects, blurring or showing only part of the central subject; his urban landscapes are often seen through rain, snow or fogged-up windows.

The exhibition comprises around 60 iconic photographs in colour and black-and-white, plus around 30 black-and-white photographs of the streets of New York, and as many of nudes and intimate portraits (many unpublished, never published before). It also includes some of his professional projects for which he was commissioned as fashion and advertising photographer for important magazines such as Elle, Esquire and Harper's Bazaar.

The exhibition has been in Barcelona until the end of October. Afterwards, it will travel around Spain.


Passeig Picasso 14
08003 Barcelona. Spain

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