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Sport and design, a question of passions


A sports space conceived as a pollution-free urban oasis, a landscaping project devised as an area for resting, or a glass swimming pool 40 metres deep in which to practice free diving with aerial views of Barcelona. These are some of the innovative proposals presented under the title of “Barcelona, the city as playground. Sport and Wellbeing” by the pupils of the IED Barcelona Higher School of Design as their dissertation projects, with design and sport as the central pieces.

The Institut Barcelona Esports (IBE) had challenged the students of the Honours Degree in Product Design and Interior Design of the IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny to transform the city into a sports track. Under the umbrella of design, and understanding sport as a factor for innovation, social cohesion and enhanced wellbeing, the pupils proposed scenarios in which sport takes centre stage.

The projects are the result of in-depth research and reflection on concepts such as creating community, social integration, environmental awareness or the wellbeing of body and mind, taking the practice of sport as the linchpin. Some of them are devised for specific locations around Barcelona, such as the Carretera de les Aïgues, Barceloneta beach or the facilities of the old Montjuïc swimming pool. Others cover from urban sculptures that unite culture and sport through the practice of skateboarding to seawater pools that connect body and mind through sound frequencies to a pop-up sculpture that creates melodies through the user’s physical exercise.


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