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Lucian Freud


The most comprehensive publication to date on one of the best portraitists of the 20th and early 21st centuries, published in a sumptuous two-volume set with a slipcase.

Born in Berlin in 1922, Freud and his family left Germany for London in 1933, fleeing the Nazi regime. His career as an artist began in the nineteen-thirties and lasted until his death in 2011. This extraordinary longevity produced hundreds of pictures, drawings, sketches and engravings, many of them compiled in this publication.

Lucian Freud contains more than 480 chronologically organised illustrations showcasing the author’s work and the development of his work over his more than nine decades of life. Almost all the paintings included have been photographed anew by the celebrated British photographer John Riddy.

The introduction provides a general overview of Freud’s life and career, the figures who played a relevant role in his professional development and his achievements as well as his place in the history of modern art. It also includes essays by the writer and critic Martin Gayford, in which he assesses his career in detail, decade by decade, to unveil the complexities of his practice and the changes his work experienced in each period. It also contains private letters, his last unfinished painting, his last engraving plate and his rarest engraving—of which only one copy exists—published here for the first time.


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